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Building Maintanance & Engineering

We are inspired by the quote - ‘At the heart of a healthy facility is operations and maintenance in its purest form. Our unique approach to engineering services allows you to choose the degree of outsourcing services needed for your facilities. Whether bundling of various services or complete outsourcing services for your engineering utility maintenance and operations, OMullane can work with you to tailor your specific outsourcing needs.

The corporate we serve, have made significant infrastructure investments in their physical assets- buildings, plants and machineries. Accordingly, those assets need to be properly safe guarded & maintained to operate efficiently. A well-maintained facility provides occupants with a safe and productive work environment while creating lasting value.

Our expert’s offer you complete solutions for : HVAC System with balance of plant Chillers, Cooling Towers etc. Heating System & its ancillaries-Electrical System-HT/LT, Substations, Captive Power, Invertors etc.-Building Management SystemBuilding Automation System - Public Address, CCTV etc-Fire Fighting-Plumbing-Critical Water Treatment & Distribution-STP & ETP-Process machineries & equipment

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