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Beginning in 2000 as ORE Trading to distribute Enjo fibre based products the name was later changed to OMullane Facility Services in order provide eco-friendly housekeeping services to Wipro Technology. The company soon grew out of its name and later to Integrated Housekeeping Management Systems that included heavy-duty industrial cleaning. 

Finally, OMullane Management Solutions replaced OMullane Facility Services in the year 2009. This was in response to our growth from simply a janitorial company to full-service facility maintenance provider. 

Looking back at the past years, it's clear that OMullane Management Solutions has undergone many sweeping changes. From modest beginnings, providing janitorial services to commercial accounts, to our modern incarnation, providing top-to-bottom facility management solutions, OMullane has continued to grow and evolve based on our customers’ needs.

The core of the OMullane business model, though, has not changed. We've always prided ourselves on finding solutions for our customers. OMullane doesn't simply offer a menu of services that we can provide. Instead, we work with our customers to determine their facility management needs, then we find solutions to those problems. We constantly look for new ways to service our customers, making OMullane's history a tradition of innovation.

Following are our landmarks : 

- July 2000 : Commenced operation in India as ORE Trading as an exclusive distributor of Enjo fibre based cleaning products. We were the first company to have introduced fibre based products in India.

- February 2002 : Decision was taken to venture into Housekeeping services with a vision of clubbing fibre based products with trained workforce to provide highest quality of housekeeping services.

- May 2002 : Commenced Housekeeping operation at Wipro Technology, Hyderabad .

- December 2002: Name was changed to OMullane Facility Services from ORE Traing.

- May 2004 : Became multi location and commenced our operation at Vishakhapatnam and other cities in Andhra Pradesh

- August 2007 : Won national tender for Millitary World Games which was the biggest sporting event happening in India after Asiad Games.

- December 2007 : Recognizing the importance of ongoing training, OMullane Centre for Learning & Development (OMCLD) came into existence, which is our in-house training facility centre. 

- February 2008 : Became ISO 9001:2000 certified as a result of its commitment to quality and continuous improvement

- May 2009 : Ventured into Operation and Maintenance and started providing integrated facility management. 

- August 2009 : Name was changed to OMullane Management Solutions with a vision to become Single Source Solution for a wide variety of facility requirement.

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