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Manpower Solutions

At Omullane we want to assist internal HR teams excel in knowledge, think strategically and generate the profitable relationships needed to maximize results. We therefore believe that HR professionals should be involved in so much more than just recruitment and administration. We want to help the function of human resources aspire to the boardroom. It’s where it belongs - right there next to the Managing Director, Finance Director and the rest of the management team. Your people are important, so why not explore the options with us. We can help free up the time needed from tactical tasks to get your policies and ideas noticed. And don’t worry about budgets. We are experts at making things stretch to deliver effective change through you - for your company.

All too often, finding the right person for the job is time-consuming, expensive and risky. In addition there is the time spent fending off recruitment agencies, arranging interviews, managing and interviewing candidates who are not up to the mark, to say nothing of the administration involved in taking on a new member of staff. Over the years we have created a genuine high quality, cost effective and time saving recruitment management service. You have to try it to believe it. If you use agencies we can reduce your costs. If you do it yourself, we can save you time. However you recruit, we can improve your recruitment outcomes and, in the current climate, it is even more important to get your recruitment right first time. In a nutshell it is the type of recruitment service we wanted when we were sitting on the other side of the table. You can pick and choose the bits you want or have full project management. We do it all - job and person specs, recruitment strategies, ad writing, managing agencies, targeted search, response handling, selection and assessment.

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