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Pest Control Services

We have considerable experience in pest control and provide the highest professional standards of service. We also aim to reduce the risks of pest-borne diseases and damage caused by pests. All of our work is carried out with due consideration to health and safety and the protection of non-target animals.

  • Full no-obligation site survey including Environmental Assessment

  • Inclusive pricing (internal bait boxes, call outs and more)

  • SureServ - contracts invoiced after service - our visit guarantee

  • Local service teams and local management with comprehensive nationwide coverage and global support

  • Externally tested and certified service personnel

  • Fast call out despatch and escalation process

  • 48 hour call out satisfaction follow-up

  • Proactive service, proactive new products

  • Insect monitoring as standard

  • Pest Elimination & Hygiene Partnership Guarantee

  • Certificated training courses and training tools for you and your staff

  • Real-time reporting via PDAs, email alerts and on-line elogbook

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