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Patient Care Services

We believe that patient care belongs to more than just the doctors and nurses. Our Patient care assistants play an active role in caring for patients under the supervision of a nurse or other medical staff. The patient care assistant helps the nursing staff and other medical team with examination, treatment and general medical care of patients.

We train our Patient care assistant to take vital signs and collect lab specimens. They take care of the patient's charts and take patient from the room to the lab or for other testing. They are also trained about delivering food trays, and how to help with the feeding the patient. If the patient is immobile, they help the patient get around and bathe. Other patient care needs that our assistants get training includes but are not limited to changing clothes, skin care and helping the patient to be ambulatory. The patient may need assistance with equipment and supplies---if so our Patient care assistants set these supplies and equipment up for the patient. Upon discharge, our Patient care assistants issue discharge papers or helps in transferring the patient.

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