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House Keeping Services

Commercial cleaning services are often viewed as a commodity. But they are so much more at OMullane where we treat them as a science. OMullane’s commercial cleaning services are unique due to our emphasis of evaluating client’s individual needs and our experience upon which we have built our best practices.

For years our vision statement has been simple: “Help clients improve both quality and productivity. To accomplish that, we have created programs for improving appearance and quality of a facility while reducing labour. Reduced labour is viewed as a leading culprit of poor quality. In other words, the faster you perform a task, the more you rush and neglect details. At OMullane we strive to overcome this tendency with a carefully engineered program that includes our intense cleaning service training programs, superior on-site management, auditing process, work simplification process, flowchart process and the respect we hold for our customers and employees create an environment in which we consistently exceed the cleaning service needs and qualitative expectations of our clients. It appears that if we raise one side of the scale, the other side must be lowered. Our mission is to teach cleaning supervisors and managers how to raise both at the same time.

OMullane has the strength, expertise and understanding required to meet all your commercial cleaning service needs in high demanding traffic environments. You can have confidence that day in and day out, ABSOTHERM's janitorial service best practices will please your customers while making your business shine. OMullane offers extended services pertaining to commercial cleaning services, namely –

  • Commercial Housekeeping services

  • Critical cleaning services

  • Deep / Spring Cleaning

  • Facade Cleaning

  • Overall Sanitation & disinfection

  • Washroom Hygiene

  • Upholstery upkeep

  • Rubbish and bio hazard removal

  • Landscaping & Horticulture

  • Spot and stain removal

  • Polishing of various hard floor

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