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Our Green Commitment

The Future Is Here: Environmentally Friendly Facility Maintenance

In recent years, industry has become increasingly focused on environmentally friendly or "Green" programs. At OMullane, we are proud to say that we have been on the cutting edge of Green processes. 

We at OMullane are committed to reduce the environmental impact of our operations and improve the health and efficiency of our client’s facilities and workforce. 

For years, green programs were not always feasible, because many green products could not perform at the same level as non-green products. As cleaning technology has progressed, however, this gap has closed significantly, and in many areas Green methods have surpassed traditional cleaning methods in both efficiency and quality. In this regard we take pride in the fact that we were the first Company to have introduced fibre based products in India.

OMullane has been at the forefront of this new technology and our processes have grown with it. We are proudly able to offer effective green solutions that can help preserve the health and vitality of our workforce and environment. 

OMullane's unique industry position as both a product end-user and distributor allows us the versatility to continually explore new Green solutions as they develop. Using these new solutions in tandem with traditional eco-friendly methods, such as energy conservation programs, air quality management and recycling programs, OMullane can offer customized Green Programs that don't just make sense, they help in reducing facility maintenance cost too.

It is our business philosophy to utilize products and methods that are not harmful to those using them or the environment, so that we may sustain a viable future for businesses and individuals alike.

Partnering with OMullane, our customers can now afford to explore options that are fiscally and environmentally responsible without sacrificing the quality of service they deserve.

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