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Leading The Future Of Facilities Management Through Innovation

A Decade Of Experiencein Service Excellence

A Record Of 11.1 Million Safe Man Hours Achieved




  • OMullane Management Solutions Pvt. Ltd. provides complete building service for all of your facility maintenance and management needs. 


  • Our operations are conforming to the highest standards set out by 'Australian Standards' and Eco friendly practices. By keeping at the forefront of technology, we assure you a quality job, done correctly, first time every time.


  • Today, with over 100 clients and over 10,00000 sq. feet of office, warehouse, industrial and residential environment, OMullane’s “side by side” philosophy has proven that working together with clients as partners, truly does create more than just a business opportunity; it creates friendship for life. This speaks for itself and who we are.

  • Adhering to our core values and standard code of conduct, OMullane will deliver competitively-priced facility services to our service users i.e clients by selecting, training and empowering employees to guarantee measurable and customer defined results. Through this value statement, OMullane lays the ground-work for our motto, Side by Side.


  • We believe that by working with our customers to develop mutual objectives, we can truly help our customers to become more successful.


  • The true value of OMullane as an outsourced service provider is our ability, experience and passion to mold ourselves around our clients operations and seamlessly integrate ourselves within their facility's corporate culture. 



May 2016


MINIMUM WAGES UPDATE - Minimum Rate of Wages has been revised under Minimum Wages Act, 1948

May 2016


BONUS UPDATE - Gujarat High Court has granted a stay on payment of Bonus Amendment Act 2015. Hence, employers will be exempted to make the amended payment of bonus for at least some time.

May 2016

ESI UPDATE - ESI notification for availing treatment with respect to insured person and dependent.

  • Aircraft Maintenance & Repair Facility

  • Airport  

  • Automobiles Maintenance & Repair Facility

  • Bank / Insurance Company

  • BPO

  • Educational Institution

  • Entertainment Park

  • Food Processing And Catering Facility

  • Healthcare Facility

  • Hostel And Accommodation

  • Hotel

  • Housing Complex

  • IT / Company Park

  • Pharmaceutical Company

  • Public Transport Centre

  • Residences/Townships/Guest Houses

  • Shopping Mall

  • Software Companies

  • Warehouses


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